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Villa Politica is an ideal setting for any event: weddings, family gatherings, corporate events, community parties, a modern dance party, or even balls. 
Its unique interior and architecture, featuring enormous floor-to-ceiling windows, six-meter high ceilings, massive columns, dark oak furniture, an old-time piano, opulent chandeliers, ornate detailing, and oil paintings in gilded frames, all gives a special gravity to your dining experience.
The main dining area holds up to 120 people and can be arranged in any number of ways. It also has room for the installation of a stage, and is outfitted with high-end lighting and music equipment. On our spacious summer terrace in the heart of the forest you can set up a relaxing lounge or buffet, and don’t forget that saying your vows surrounded by the pine forest and clouds of lilac will make any wedding party unforgettable.
Villa Politica offers refined cuisine, combining classic French and Italian influences with Chef's special offers, also featuring a wide range of fresh fish and seafood. The restaurant’s head chef is always happy to create a special menu to give your event the attention it deserves.
Parking is available for restaurant guests.

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